Limited Mother’s Day Plan – May 6th~9th

From May 6th to May 9th, come and celebrate Mother’s day with our special limited menu!

You will be able to choose between the Cafeteria Menu, the Teppanyaki menu, or the Bbq menu! 

Come and enjoy a special lunch or dinner at Rokkosan Silence Resort🌹





Seafood Salad


Spaghettini with mini tomatoes and mozzarella


Kobe pork fillet cutlet with flowers and salad


Special Mothers day dessert



¥4,800(tax included

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Sora Dining –BBQ–



Assorted Appetizers

Sea bream with kelp, seasonal vegetables, zucchini rolls with potato salad

Prosciutto flowers, colorful salad with strawberries and cottage cheese



Tajima beef loin, shitake mushrooms sausage

Perilla sausage, scallop, shrimp, vegetables (8 types)


Koshihikari rice produced in Hyogo Pref.・Miso Soup





¥6,380(Tax included

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Sora Dining –Teppanyaki–



Temari sushi (2 types)


Seasonal salad


Tajima beef loin Shrimp Scallop Grilled vegetables


Seasonal ice cream and hot fruits



Lunch ¥9,500(Tax included

Dinner ¥12,000(Tax included

※During dinner Tajima beef fillet will be included


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For any question or inquiries, contact us by phone at

TEL 078-891-0650