Otsukimi Dinner

Silence Resort Otsukimi Dinner
Date: 9/26, 10 / 24, 10 / 9-11
16:30 –18:30 / 18:30 –20:30
Location: Grill Restaurant Tsukimi Terrace

S p e c i a l M e n u
Assortment of seasonal vegetables and fruits served with 3 types of sauces and condiments
Bouillabaisse and risotto or Tajima beef stew
Kintoki roasted served with homemade raw honey, olive oil and cinnamon butter
¥ 4,500 + tax

Reservations can be made up to 2 days in advance by phone or email.
tel. 078-891-0650 email. info@rokkosansilence-resort.com