(JAPANESE) 六甲山のんびりゆったり満喫プラン

Rokkosan Silence Resort x Rokko Geihin-Kan


We will start a joint plan with Rokko Rokko Geihin-Kan which was opened 400 meters away from March of this year.

A package plan that you can stay at Rokko Guest House after having lunch at Rokkosan Silence Resort will be available.

Why not relax and enjoy Mt. Rokko with your family, friends and loved ones?

Rokkosan Silence Resort and Keihin-Kan  are welcome to bring your dog.


You can choose your lunch from the following.

1. Cafeteria lunch course

You can enjoy lunch in a comfortable space with gentle sun light.

Lunch : Salad, , Pasta, Bread, Homemade sweets to choose from (Apple pie / Seasonal Montblanc / Seasonal shortcake), Coffee / Tea



2. グリルレストラン BBQセット



選べる自家製スイーツ(アップルパイ / 季節のモンブラン / 季節のショートケーキ)






Tel: 078-891-0650